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29 years old and hearing herself for the first time.

Technology really is a wonderful thing and there are so many advances in medicine every day. For this woman who was born deaf, new advances in hearing aid technology have forever changed her life as she gets to hear herself for the very first time. You cannot help but feel moved as her face lights up and she becomes overwhelmed with emotion. It is as much a testament to the power of technology as it is a reminder of all the magical things in life that we take for granted.



Organ Care: the Heart in a Box.

It sounds exactly as it implies. A human heart. Alive. Beating. Inside a Box.

UCLA researchers have produced an organ care system that allows transplant organs to be maintained in near physiological states, allowing for more time for better matching, and improved care of the organ as it makes its way to a recipient. This reminds me of the working lung demonstration I posted here.

You can read more about this organ care technology here.

This is incredible.